Direct payday loans -Cash advance loans online direct lenders: Easy approval

Today, along with the advancement of time and technology, there are also many human life needs that need to be fulfilled. Not only for everyday life, business and business needs also include important needs that receive great attention. Then how about if the available funds do not meet other needs besides the necessities of daily living? So, taking a loan from a creditor service or credit bureau might be an alternative that can be considered. Although there is no doubt, there are also several banks or credit bureaus that make it difficult with various conditions that make the lending process longer and more complicated. The best way to get a fast loan is to look for creditors who provide non-bank unsecured loans without a credit card because then time will not be wasted on all kinds of requirements and administrative processes. Moreover, in the current era of modern technology, where everything is easy and practical with the help of the internet. Confiny is one of the online credit sites that can provide online loans without collateral and credit cards.

Cash advance loans online direct lenders: Easy approval

Some banks may require you to have a bank account first. Because if you don’t have a bank account, you are considered unable to meet the minimum balance and pay a monthly maintenance fee. And even if you have a bank account but have a bad record of your finances in that bank account, that bad record can make some of the other banks, which you will apply for, will refuse your loan application.

Then, is it possible to apply for a cash advance loans online direct lenders? The answer is possible.

How are unsecured loans and no credit cards?

How are unsecured loans and no credit cards?

For those of you who want to make a loan but have to think twice because they are reluctant to make a credit card as one of the conditions, submitting an unsecured loan and no credit card is the right solution for you. Unsecured loans and no credit cards are loan products where prospective borrowers can get loan funds from creditors without having to pay or make a credit card first. Besides being suitable for those of you who have problems with your bank account, unsecured loans and no credit cards are also suitable for those of you who have not had a credit history but really need a loan amount in a nominal amount.

The requirement for applying for a non-bank unsecured loan without a credit card is basically the same as an ordinary loan application, but the interest rate given to prospective borrowers is higher than the ordinary loan. This is done to prevent the occurrence of bad credit in prospective debtors.

The advantages that Confiny has as an online credit site compared to other credit bureaus are:

  • Requirements needed are not too many and complicated
  • Does not require any guarantees that burden the debtor
  • The submission process is done quickly and quite easily
  • The ease of payment processes is carried out and can be repaid in accordance with the agreement
  • The interest rate that applies does not change during the contract period
  • Loans can be used by debtors for any purpose
  • Loans can be submitted in large quantities
  • There are various choices of short term and long term tenors

What are the Financing in Loans without a Non-Bank Guarantee without a Credit Card?

What are the Financing in Loans without a Non-Bank Guarantee without a Credit Card?

The fees that need to be paid by the debtor for non-bank unsecured loans without a credit card can be said to be almost the same as the fees that need to be paid for loans without collateral usually, namely:

  • Upfront costs

Upfront costs or commonly referred to as DPs are costs that must be paid at the beginning of the contract and are calculated outside the installments. The amount of this fee can vary from 1.5% to 5% calculated from the total loan money.

  • Interest Free

Interest rates are not new anymore when it comes to lending and borrowing products. The percentage of interest set is usually the interest rate that will remain (unchanging) from the beginning to the end of the loan contract.

  • Penalty Fee

Penalty fees can also be referred to as accelerated repayment fines. Because if you want to make the payment done faster, then usually the fees set for penalty fees are around 5% to 6%.

  • Insurance fee

The application of life insurance is carried out with the aim of protecting his family if something bad happens to the creditors/debtors. With this life insurance, if the credit applicant/debtor dies, the debtor’s family will not be charged the remainder of the loan installments.

Online loans and unsecured loans do look tempting. What’s more for those of you who need a solution to get fast funds. But you should still compare several unsecured online loan alternatives and available credit cards. Make sure your needs are tailored to your abilities.

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