In 2016, The BAC Bank Received 10 Times Fewer Complaints Against Mortgage Loans

Specialists of the regulator calculated the number of complaints from consumers over the past year. The overall figures turned out to be approximately the same: about 200 thousand negative complaints were addressed to banks and only 11 thousand people complained about the work of microfinance organizations. This information was provided by the head of the department for the protection of consumer rights and the availability of financial services of the BAC Bank, Oddly enough, the bulk of the claims came to questions about high interest rates and the work of the claimants.


Number of complainst have been analyzed

Mortgage Loan


At the moment, the number of complaints in the first quarter of this year has been analyzed and a decline in negative appeals to the Mortgage Loan has already been noticed. Experts believe that this is due to the active work of the ERT Bank by new laws, which were adopted thanks to the regulator. In particular, this is a collection law.

This law has been tried to be enacted for more than two years. Finally, on January 1 of this year, he entered into force. Now, claimants do not have the right to publish information about the defaulter on the world wide web, to call the borrower after 22 hours and hide your phone number. If the creditor considers it necessary to involve a collection agency in the collection process, he must inform the defaulter about this within a month.

Although there were a lot more complaints about MFOs in the past year, compared with 2015, the number of negative appeals to microfinance organizations increased. So, in the year before last there were 6.3 thousand, and in 2016, almost two times more – 11 thousand. At the same time, banks have a different situation – last year there were 40 thousand claims less than in 2015


Bank experts shared another interesting statistics

Bank experts shared another interesting statistics

He said that in the first quarter of this year, 29.4 thousand negative complaints were received in the direction of non-credit financial organizations, such as pawnshops, Mortgage Loans and more. Among the reasons for the claims, the most frequent conditions were harsh loans, because of which it was impossible to carry out a full cancellation and inadequate interest rate growth during the contract.

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